Weekend Break

In the past you may have considered a weekend break to be a draughty B&B in Cleethorpes, a damp caravan in Rhyl or a rundown Camp in Bognor. 

We’re pleased to tell you that our UK weekend breaks now range from luxurious spas to iconic castles, glam camping to narrow boats, boutique hotels to family orientated holiday parks (apart from Centre Parcs who are direct sell only).
The low cost airline boom and cheaper continental train travel has of course made most of Europe a cheaper alternative for a weekend break, with Magaluf or Tallinn now more popular than Blackpool.
We can arrange you a short or weekend break to anywhere you may have thought of and many places you won’t have, many of which we’ll soon be showing here.
So whether it’s cooking course activity or pampered spa rest, fun in the sun, tracking the northern lights, rambling around europe or just doing something different, give us a try.





Milan, Italy’s fashion capital and home to La Scala is a city that boasts romance, culture and style. Milan holidays are perfect for a short break or, a twin centre holiday.