Weddings & Honeymoons

Which is planned first? The Wedding or the Honeymoon? A silly question some may think but nowadays many are actually thinking about their Honeymoon plans and the costs involved before they actually finalise their Wedding.

In the same way, a Wedding Gift List for friends and relatives to pick from, is a waste of time for the many who have been living together for some time and who have enough sheets/kettles and fondue sets to set up their own market stall.     
We can help you solve all those problems!
Let us help you choose your destination, your venue, your theme and all your plans for the big day. The Little Chapel in Vegas or the Magic of Capri, a Barbados Beach or a South African Spectacular, Cypriot Countrystyle or a Slovenian Island in the middle of Lake Bled – Whatever you want, wherever you want, we can help! For those still not sure where, we can suggest. Please remember though that not everybody you may want to be there for the Ceremony, can always afford the cost.
Whilst Glamping in the Costwolds or a 60’s style rave at Butlins Filey may not be top of your wish list, we do think it’s important to work out the cost of your honeymoon at the same time as the wedding, so those don’t become your only choices!
Obviously if you’re getting married abroad, the honeymoon is taken care of (as soon as all the relatives have gone back)! But whilst the big day is obviously a special one for all concerned, your honeymoon is equally as special, as it truly is the start of your married life together! When you have to get over toothpaste being squeezed from the middle instead of the end, toilet seats up instead of down, hair in the bath and all the rest and concentrate on what’s important! – The two of you!
This is where we come in, with our knowledge of Honeymoon Destinations - Worldwide, we know we can find just the one that will suit you both.
Luxurious, Romantic, Breathtaking, Exciting, Adventurous and Perfect are all descriptions recently used by some of our Honeymoon Couples. What will yours be?
For those guests who don’t know what to give or for the happy couples who already have everything, we offer a gift scheme where donations can be made for any amount, by anybody, towards offsetting the cost of the Honeymoon or Wedding (if abroad). Receipts are sent to the individuals and the recipients kept updated with their running total!   
We’ll be showing you on these pages some ideas for your Dream Wedding, your Perfect Honeymoon and giving more details about the gift scheme.
Start planning your wedding, honeymoon and more with our suggested locations below. You can call us on 01422 847 847 or fill out our holiday enquiry form on the contact page.