Flight Only

One of the most frequent questions we get asked is can you save us money on Flight Only?
The simple answer is that if it’s a low cost, budget or charter airline, then they don’t pay a commission to anybody, so nobody can beat their own particular web price.
However where we could save you money using them, would be if you added on some sort of ground arrangements. Airport Parking or Lounges; Car Hire or Transfers; Cruise, Hotel or Apartment; Attraction or Show.
We would then book the flights at the same price and discount the extras.
If however it’s a schedule flight, such as BA, Emirates or any of the long haul carriers, then they do pay a commission on the non taxable part of the fare. We therefore are more than competitive on these types of flights and will try to save you money wherever possible. Once again your major savings will be on all the extras booked at the same time, particularly as the airlines allow the flights to be sold cheaper if ground arrangements are booked at the same time.
We’ll soon be giving you some examples of our best flight prices.
In the meantime – start planning your trip via the link below or speak to us personally by ringing 01422 847 847 or Freephone 0800 9531 263

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