Europe & Beyond

In years gone by, people planning holidays concentrated on the familiar favourites such as France,  Greece & the Greek Isles, Italy, Portugal & Spain with somehow for many Belgium, Holland and Germany being OK for short breaks but not for the ‘main hols’.
Denmark, Finland, Sweden & Norway were dismissed as too expensive, Austria & Switzerland OK for skiing, Iceland a bit fishy, Cyprus good for retiring to, Turkey a little under developed and anything East definitely suspect.
How things have now changed. The ever increasing number of low cost airlines, cheaper train travel, low ferry fares and too many cruise ships means popping or hopping from the UK is now the regular habit for the many instead of the few. Most people now take 3 breaks of some description each year, many to places previously ignored.
Iceland leads the way, with seeing the Northern Lights on everybody’s wish list (although recent sightings in Essex and parts of Wales have raised a few eyebrows).
The so called Eurozone has made many abandon traditional destinations, instead searching for a better return on the Pound. Croatia although soon to join the Eurozone is becoming increasingly popular, along with its neighbours Slovenia and Montenegro, for both summer and winter holidays.
Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania have joined the ranks of the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia as popular on not only the Stag Circuit but also for City & Short breaks.
Romania with its Dracula connection remains a popular alternative, Bulgaria with drinks at £1 a pint and 24 hour nightlife is suddenly changing from family appeal to young and lively and Albania is trying its best to re-invent itself.
Russia is always popular, particularly as a twin centre combination of Moscow & St Petersburg. The recent winter games in Sochi was intended to increase its appeal, however the current political problems with the Ukraine may diminish that appeal until things resolve themselves.
We can provide you with holidays, short breaks, tours, city breaks, young and lively, older and restive, sporting, climbing, rambling, sailing, skiing and much more throughout Europe and Beyond. Whatever, wherever or whenever we can arrange it.
We intend showing you here on a regular basis, some of our unique suggestions for Europe & Beyond. Some of them may be familiar destinations but seen through new eyes, others totally new to you – such as our first suggestion. So stay with us as we work through the European A – Z.