One of the most beautiful cities in the world, featuring some of the world’s most iconic attractions, Paris is also a beautifully compact and manageable collection of villages. This everyday Paris, found in parks and pavement cafes, is equally as exciting as the city’s great monuments. Paris has brilliant night life as well as daylife with numerous bars and cafes dotted around the city along with pop up cafe's along the seine. Why not visit the Luvre Museum which houses some of the worlds most equisite paintings and scultures! This romantic city is unique and perfect for any city breakaholic! Young or old Paris has everything to offer!

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The Hotel Murat Paris
The Hotel Murat Paris, a three star boutique hotel set in the luxuriance and the tranquility of a private mansion of the 19th century, stay in the shadows of great duchesses and royalty that may have stayed in the mansion!


Alane Hotel 
Alane Hotel is located in a central position just minutes away from the main international train station Gare Du Nord, Alane Hotel is a three star establishment with fantastic reviews.








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