New York

New York

There's a unique experience awaiting you in New York. This mega city hosts many mega events too, so you can make the most of some very special seasons. The big apple is everything you've ever imagined, if you though London was big then think again New York City is Huge! The beautifully built city is a maze of blocks and avenues built on the simple grid system created by the Americans! This city has been described by several artists and critics as a city that never sleeps ever! There will always be something for you to do whether it is 6 am or 8 pm, with hundreds of museums and galleries, memorials and tributes to events such as 9/11, to the partying centre of the world in times square!! If you haven't been yet, what are you waiting for! There are numerous hotels and restaurants across the huge city that serve all cuisines imaginable the city is your oyster discover and explore!! Below are two hotels of the many thousands availible with one 5 star and the other a more affordable 3 star hotel so see what takes your fancy!!

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4* Wyndham New Yorker
Wyndham New Yorker Hotel in Midtown Manhattan seamlessly combines the grace and style of a bygone era with a contemporary sense of convenience and comfort. With have over 1,000 guest rooms on offer the hotel prides itself on great customer service with baggage porters and doorman on hand when you arrive!

The London Hotel NYC 5*
The London Hotel is ideal for those that wish to kick back and relax in a purely luxury environment where customer service cannot get any better with guests being put first ensuring that they have all needs met to enjoy their visit in the 'Big Apple'!

The Hampton Inn NYC 3*
Hampton Inn is a budget 3 star hotel located in Midtown Manhattan NYC with fantastic services availible for guests to enjoy. Hampton Inn is great value for money with brilliant room deals availible from room only to bed and breakfast buffets availible with hot and cold food! 

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