The capital of Belgium is grand and elegant, with impressive architecture, great cuisine and lively bar scenes bringing life long memories to all who come to this brilliant destination! Brussels is home to the HQ of the European Union the buildings which host all major meetings regarding the EU are one of the most viewed in the whole of belgium, visit the parliment museum to find out all you did not know about this importamt union! Brussels has one of the most diverse populations in europe with bars and clubs for all traveller types, brusssels has a hugely successful LGBTscene along with districts for food finatics and those histrians that just love a good gallery or museum! Brussels has over 30 different museums and galleries so you will definitely be spoilt for choice is museums are game to you!

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The Royal Windsor Grand Place Hotel

The Royal Windsor Grand Place Hotel is just moments away from the grand palace which is open on select days and offers a truly historical introduction to the city of brussels, the Royal Windsor is a five star hotel establishment offering world class attentive silver service. 


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