Cheap & Cheerful

We get many calls asking for last minute cheapies, £99 all inclusives, 5* Hotels at 1* prices.
Unfortunately people forget that budget airlines become expensive airlines when it’s close to departure, that teletext usually forget to add luggage or transfers, that if it’s still on sale after 18 months it usually means there’s something wrong with it!
All that said, we do have certain budget accommodations we’re happy to recommend, certain flights that can be inexpensive, certain all inclusives that don’t water down the drinks or keep the buffet warm all day, where the prawns are not cockroaches without the shells and the patter of tiny feet means happy children and not rats in the air conditioning.
We’ll soon be showing you many examples of our recommended ‘Cheap & Cheerfuls’.
In the meantime – start planning your trip via the link below or speak to us personally by ringing 01422 847 847 or Freephone 0800 9531 263