Janette and Richard travelled with our Boggarts!

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Back on the street and the bus stop outside the hotel. I am exhausted and need a rest.

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Grace and Isaac, two of the Chauffeurs (Students) I met on my ‘Punt Tour’.

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What fun we had, the punt tour was memorable. Everyone on the river was initially shocked when a well-dressed Chinese gentleman punting his family actually fell in; try as we might, everyone could not help laughing. The gentleman got an enormous cheer and round of applause when he swam to the bank, was helped out and bowed to the audience.

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After watching people punting, I could not wait to get ‘messing about on the river’ myself.

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I was very pleased to meet Graham and Adrian (who are Custodians at King’s College) and Bill (who is a Porter at Downing College). Bill actually had to tell me to “get off the grass”.

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I am now on ‘The Banks’ with King’s College Chapel and Clare College in the background.

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 I was unable to get into Trinity College but got this photo anyway.

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I then met some Chums from Peterhouse, we were all proud to be wearing our team and University ‘colours’.

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I tried to mix with the locals and have a go at this ‘bike riding malarkey’; unfortunately besides this bike being too big for me, it was also chained to the railings.

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When I was lost and in what I now know to be ‘Midsummer Common’ I met William, a very informative and helpful City Ambassador for Cambridge (notice he had to cover my Halifax Town Badge; he couldn’t be seen to promote anything other than Cambridge).

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Then off we went to have a look around the City before and after the match. This first photo is of Abbie, Oliver, a local swan and I by the river Cam.

First stop, the Cambridge City Hotel

First stop, the Cambridge City Hotel, our hotel for the night. It was everything we had expected and wanted, very central, clean and comfortable; the breakfast on Monday was delicious.

Janette and Richard travelled with our Boggarts!
Dear Friends,
Thank you for sending me on my first expedition on 4th and 5thMay 2014 – what a brilliant time I had with Abbie, Oliver, Rick and Janette – visiting Cambridge and supporting FC Halifax Town in the second leg of the Conference playoff.  You will see I was suitably dressed.

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